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WalliM Card
The digital business card that will transform your networking. It makes new connections in a more practical and effective way.


NFC QR-code

With your card, share your contacts via NFC (contacts) or QR code.

multiple profiles

It has multiple profiles associated with a single card to pass your details according to the situation.

all networks

With your card, you can pass not only your email and mobile phone but also your social or professional networks.

save instantly

Your new interaction can directly record your contact on your mobile phone and also share your own.

Sic reporting

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Save the planet and your pocket! Don't print cards that no one will keep. Have maximum effectiveness when you connect.

strong impression

Share your social or professional networks and strengthen your brand image. Your brand is more than an email or phone!

greater reach

Extend the possibility of staying in touch in the future by recording your details directly on other people's phones!


The WalliM Card allows you to use your card at different events - networking, business meetings or social gatherings.

What the press says about WalliM Card

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There was a small problem with the delivery, but these gentlemen were ready to solve the issue. It's easy to manage and create profiles for various situations. You just tap the card and thanks to NFC you see the magic and simplicity just happens.


5 estrelas: Excelente

I really like the card, I just wish our profile could be customized a little more!

Rui Veloso

5 estrelas: Excelente

Packaging, service, functionality of wallim card 5*

Jose Soares

5 estrelas: Excelente

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