WalliM Minify + Wallpocket

WalliM Minify + Wallpocket ($38.00 USD)
WalliM Minify ($33.00 USD)
WalliM Minify + Wallastic ($35.00 USD)

- Cardholder zone: Up to 6 cards inside and 3 cards outside

- RFID security for major cards

- The Wallastic is an elastic band that allows you to carry up to 3 more cards abroad as well as bills

- The Wallastic is a strong elastic band with stainless steel and rubber inside to securely hold all your belongings

Get your WalliM in the comfort of your home, order now. Delivery times:

Nacional: 4 business days
International: 10 business days


Our minimalist features allow for a volume reduction of at least 50%, when compared to a normal wallet.

Size: 105x64x15 mm

Weight: 72g