Smart Business Card



WalliM Card is a fully customized smart business card for your specific needs.

With built-in NFC technology and a dynamic QR code that never expires, you can instantly share your information with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

App unnecessary for sharing!
The other person does not need an app or WalliM card to receive your information.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.
Compatible with all devices with NFC technology or QRcode reading (95% of models released after 2012).

Fully customizable:

For more detailed processing, large orders, quotes, proposals or questions send an email to 📨

Get your WalliM in the comfort of your home, order now. Delivery times:

Nacional: 4 business days
International: 10 business days

WalliM customers have 30 days, after the purchase date, to return the product by mail. Products can only be returned if they are in perfect condition, within the original box, and with the instruction manual. More details here.

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First step

1. Buy

Upload your logo, proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. We'll take care of sending your card within 4 business days (mainland national shipping). If you are a business client and need a proposal or demonstration, send us an email so that we can align what is necessary.

Second step

2. Setup

When you receive your WalliM Card, touch it onto your mobile phone and enter the pin found in the box. Then you can start creating your account and your first profile.

Third step

3. Profiles

Create multiple profiles, all on one card, both professional and personal. A more formal profile for your work, with your email and Linkedin, another more relaxed one, with your Instagram and personal website.

Fourth step

4. Share

Contactless technology, just touch your WalliM Card to the mobile phone of the person with whom you want to share your information. This one doesn't need any app to share. Did you forget your card at home?! No problem, you can also share your information through our app.

wallim card

how does it work?



Save the planet and your wallet! Don't print cards that no one will keep. It has maximum effectiveness when you connect.

Strengthen your Brand

Share your social or professional networks and strengthen your brand image. A Brand is more than an email or phone!

Better Reach

Expand the possibility of staying in touch in the future by directly recording your details on other people's cell phones!


The WalliM Card allows you to use your card at different events - networking, business meetings or social gatherings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each WalliM Card has a QR Code on the back. This QR Code directs to the same profile link associated with the card's internal NFC chip. This allows for efficient exchange of contact information using contactless technologies and QR code reading so that your contacts can be transmitted to any type of smartphone.

For up to 99 units, you can customize the front of your WalliM Card in monochromatic white with your logo or name. For orders over 100 units, we fully customize the WalliM Cards with the desired design: full-color customization, layout, front and back, and even matte or glossy texture, to create a truly unique card.

You can use the WalliM Cards even without the physical card. The QR Code printed on the card is also available in your APP so that anyone can access your profile and contact information, facilitating data exchange without barriers.

Security is one of our priorities. The servers that store WalliM Card information are protected by advanced cybersecurity measures. In the app, you can also activate a PIN, which the recipient of your contacts will need to enter to save your profile data, thus having additional and optional control over who has access to your information after reading your WalliM Card.

WalliM is committed to excellence in customer support. Our team is available to ensure the best security, updates, and use of our products. Whether to resolve technical questions or offer guidance, we are here to help.

If you wish to order customized WalliM Cards, please contact

Of course! With our app, you can update the information of the profiles associated with your WalliM Card in real-time. Now with the same business card that will always be up to date.

Through the APP, you can reset your WalliM Card, so it can be reused by another user or even as a security measure in case of loss of the physical card.

No, WalliM products do not require a monthly subscription. They are available as a one-time purchase, enabling you to use and benefit from them without any additional costs.