slide system

Access your main cards quickly through the "Slide" mechanism. This mechanism carries up to 6 cards and guarantees the security of the cards against RFID theft.


The wallet has a strong elastic band to keep your notes and receipts safe and in place, because the photos are no longer in the wallet, they are on the phone.


You have the option of adding a contactless pocket to your card holder for your quick and daily use cards, such as transport or company cards.

Remember that being contactless is unprotected, use this function only for the cards that need it.



More compact and minimalist card holder, thus guaranteeing your maximum comfort. Adapted to any pocket and occasion.

SEcurity (RFID protection)

Protect your cards against contactless copying and theft. Don't risk it, stay safe.


Keeping the minimalism, you can add an elastic or pocket for notes, receipts and transport cards. The wallet adapts to you.