Leather Key Holder | Key Organizer


Your keyring comes with a set of accessories to adapt to your routine in the best possible way.

With the ring you can put your car keys or airtag on your key ring, having all your keys in the same place!

To be able to carry the key ring out of your pocket, use your hook on your backpack or clip on your pants!

set up

After purchase, do not forget the instructions! Each part has its respective function.

- Separator rings: placed between the keys allowing independent movement between them.

- Self-adhesive and transparent black erasers: for better adhesion of the keys to the key ring.

Each step is crucial, more questions watch our 🔗 video


Adjust the WalliM Key to your number of keys to keep it safe, it has two extra extensions that give you the versatility to choose the number of keys.

Thanks to our extendable inner area, you can use 2 to 8 keys.


Personalize your keyring and make it unique with the initials of your name!

Give it a personal touch and add up to 3 letters or 3 numbers to your keyring, make your keyring special.



Your keys are stable, in order to reduce scratches on your phone screen or objects you have in your pocket.


Thanks to the "Swiss Army Knife" design of the keyring, you can use your keys conveniently and independently.


With the 2 extra extensions you can adapt your key ring to the number of keys you have (max. 8 keys).