WalliM Key Midday


Say goodbye 👋 to the noise and disorder of traditional keys with WalliM Key. This sleek and compact key organizer is the perfect solution to keep your keys safe and organized.

Made of genuine leather and aluminum, the WalliM Key is robust 💪 and durable, but light enough to carry in your pocket without hassle. Its minimalist and elegant design is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

With capacity for 2 to 8 keys, the WalliM Key allows you to reduce the volume 🔉 and improve the organization of your keys. The adjustable interior pin allows you to customize the organizer according to your needs.

Get your WalliM in the comfort of your home, order now. Delivery times:

Nacional: 4 business days
International: 10 business days

WalliM customers have 30 days, after the purchase date, to return the product by mail. Products can only be returned if they are in perfect condition, within the original box, and with the instruction manual. More details here.



Your keys are stable, in order to reduce scratches on your phone screen or objects you have in your pocket.


Thanks to the "Swiss Army Knife" design of the keyring, you can use your keys conveniently and independently.


With the 2 extra extensions you can adapt your key ring to the number of keys you have (max. 8 keys).

Capacity and material

Extendable interior zone, with space to organize 2 to 8 keys.

Material: Genuine Leather