Insurance Coverage Information Document

Extra 1-Year Warranty Insurance

This page summarizes the main coverages and exclusions of the insurance product and does not consider your specific circumstances and needs. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information is provided in a separate document.

What risks are covered?

- Internal breakdowns of the equipment after the manufacturer's legal warranty period.

- Repair or replacement of equipment components.

- Replacement of equipment with an identical or technically equivalent item in case of total loss.

What risks are not covered?

- Accidental damage, including liquid spills

- Loss of the equipment

- Aesthetic damage

- Professional use

- Negligence, misuse, intentional damage

- Failure to comply with the Manufacturer’s instructions, or use and maintenance contrary to the Manufacturer's instructions

- Damage resulting from a natural disaster

- Costs arising from the inability to use the product

Are there any coverage restrictions?

- The maximum amount covered per claim is the purchase price of the insured equipment.

- The maximum amount covered for all claims is the purchase price of the insured equipment.

- When the insured equipment is replaced, the insurance contract is canceled.

- In case of replacement of the insured equipment, the Insurer does not cover transportation or installation costs of the new equipment.

- Replacement, collection, or delivery costs are not covered when the insured equipment is outside Portuguese territory.

When and how should I pay?

The insurance premium is paid at the time of purchase, in a single payment on our online store.

When does the coverage start and end?

Coverage begins 12 after the purchase date of the equipment, depending on whether it is a used or new item, respectively, and will be in force for a fixed period of 36 months, non-renewable. From January 1, 2022, coverage begins 36 months after the purchase date for new or refurbished items and 18 months for used equipment, for a fixed period of 36 months, non-renewable.

How can I cancel the contract?

The Insured can cancel the policy within 30 days of contracting it. In this case, the Insurer will fully refund the premium paid, except if the Insured has made a claim within the 30-day period. After this period, the Insured can cancel the policy at any time but will not be entitled to a refund, except as provided by law.

Where am I covered?

Worldwide coverage; however, repairs or replacements must be carried out within Portuguese territory.

What are my obligations?

- Pay the insurance premium.

- Report the claim to the Insurer within 8 working days of becoming aware of it.

- Provide all necessary documentation or additional information for the Insurer to investigate the reported claim.

- Notify the Insurer of the transfer of ownership of the insured equipment.

In case of a claim, the Insured must report it within 8 working days from the date of knowledge of the incident, except in cases of force majeure, by contacting WalliM Customer Service through WhatsApp +351928124562 (national fixed network call) from 9 am to 5 pm (except December 25 and January 1) or by email at and following the received instructions.


  1. Accidental damage;
  2. Damage caused by repairs, maintenance, cleaning, modifications, or inspections made to the Product, except when performed by WalliM and/or official brand technicians;
  3. Damage caused by using the Product for commercial purposes or other uses beyond normal private use;
  4. Any anomalies occurring during the period covered by the Legal Warranty;
  5. Damage to accessories, consumables, or peripherals of the Product;
  6. Damage to software or backup copies of the Product's data;
  7. Damage to other equipment or property caused by the malfunction of the Product;
  8. Any parts and/or components damaged during transportation of the Product, not provided by WalliM or under its responsibility;
  9. Damage caused by failures in accessories, consumables, or peripherals of the Product;
  10. Damage caused by opening, modification, and/or any intervention performed on the Product by the Insured or by technicians not authorized or recognized by Worten;
  11. Damage resulting from using the Product for purposes not provided in the operating instructions or in case of non-compliance with the maintenance and operating instructions provided by the manufacturer;
  12. Aesthetic and/or physical damage caused by drops and/or incorrect handling of the Product;
  13. Damage caused by pests or infestations;
  14. Internal damage to the Product caused by any type of oxidation (accidental or non-accidental) or corrosion of any of the Product's components, regardless of the cause;
  15. Damage to external components that do not impair the proper functioning of the Product, such as scratches and other purely aesthetic damage;
  16. Repair costs paid by the Insured without prior authorization from the Insurer;
  17. Costs resulting from services provided by an after-sales service provider not authorized by the Insurer;
  18. Costs of maintenance, inspections, modifications, or improvements made to the Product;
  19. Damage caused by natural disasters;
  20. Damage caused by civil wars or against foreign enemies, rebellions, or confiscation by national authorities;
  21. Loss or damage caused by ionizing radiation or other hazardous elements or nuclear parts;
  22. Loss or damage caused by fraudulent or bad-faith acts.