WalliM 1 Millisecond


- Cardholder zone: Up to 6 cards inside and 1 card outside

- RFID security for major cards

- Contactless pocket for travel pass card, company, university, etc.

- Strong elastic for carrying notes

- Space for coins

Get your WalliM in the comfort of your home, order now. Delivery times:

Nacional: 4 business days
International: 10 business days

WalliM customers have 30 days, after the purchase date, to return the product by mail. Products can only be returned if they are in perfect condition, within the original box, and with the instruction manual. More details here.

  1. What is RFID Technology?
    RFID technology is commonly used in credit cards, passports, and ID cards to store personal information. While this technology allows for convenient contactless payments, it also poses a risk of unauthorized scans, leading to potential identity theft and fraud.
  2. How Our RFID Secure Wallets Help
    Our wallets are designed with a protective layer that blocks RFID signals, ensuring that your cards and personal information remain secure. With our RFID secure wallets, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is protected from digital pickpockets.
  3. Invest in Your Security
    Don’t leave your personal information vulnerable. Choose one of our stylish and secure RFID wallets to keep your data safe and secure. Shop now and take the first step towards safeguarding your personal information.



Be more practical and speed up all payment processes. Everything you need, when you need it.


Protect your cards against contactless copying and theft. Don't risk it, stay safe.


It takes advantage of the minimalist design, with more than 50% volume reduction. For any pocket, for any occasion.

discover the Wallim



Our minimalist features allow for a volume reduction of at least 50%, when compared to a normal wallet.

Size: 105x64x15 mm

Weight: 72g